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My mind is clearer now

"When the path of a man and woman are going to cross, it’s always the woman who’s expected to alter her path to avoid a collision. In addition, women restrict their stride as compared to men, and tend to hunch their shoulders and not initiate or maintain eye contact.
So I did this research my friends and I started messing around with this. We found that if you don’t alter your path when walking toward a man, a lot of men will almost run right into you, or bump their shoulder against yours, and then turn and give you this weird look. The weird looks you get are increased if you stand up straight with squared shoulders and take longer strides. I habitually walk this way now, and I continue to get puzzled looks by men who turn around after I pass them and watch me with an uncertain look."

Own Your Space! (via andythenerd)

@fakeliampayne: Meet Louis Tomlinson everybody


"He was so impressed, yesterday he sent his manager to get 150 assorted cupcakes, heavy on banana, for cast and crew of the concert."

"Harry Styles Treats His Concert Crew to Banana Cupcakes" + (via hormoaning)



Aug 09


Ellie Goulding // European Summer Festival tour 

(Just added a bunch more on my website - )

Missy Peregrym - Rookie Blue



Wimbledon, 2036

The mixed doubles champions are Federer/Federer
The runners up are Federer/Federer

The women’s doubles champions are Federer/Federer

The men’s doubles champions are Federer/Federer

The women’s singles champion is Federer
The runner up is Federer

The men’s singles champion is Federer
The runner up is Federer

The master plan is finally complete.


5 foot something with the skinny jeans.

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